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The SANTA IRINI A.E founded in 1976. It is purely a family business that in recent years engaged in various ways on the island of Santorini. Target of the company is to promote the Greek culture and the development of Cultural tourism. The Cultural Village, the newest activity of SANTA IRINI, is a modern cultural center with several proposals for the visitor.

The Founder
Many years now that the santorinian Υiannis Drosos-Chrysos living the evolution of life on the island of Santorini and reminiscing his childhood, thought of offering το current generations the images of the past that he and his contemporaries had experienced.
He thought that we need an appropriate place to present the various, historical objects, tools, furniture and photos. The most appropriate place found, was his father’s canava dated back to 1895. That’s why the Cultural Village “Santorini of the past” was created in Pyrgos, Santorini. Its collection would reflect the bygone traditional way of life of the island as well as the economic activities of the inhabitants of the time. It is truly a great idea for natives and strangers alike to visit the museum and get to know the life of the santorinians in the “Santorini of the past.”

Santa Irini S.A.

Address: 56,Panepistimiou ave.10678 Athens, Greece
Tel:+30 2103305095
Fax:+30 2103806723

Cultural Village

Branch: Pyrgos 84701 Thira - Santorini
Tel:+30 2286031101
Fax:+30 2286031129

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